Goodbye RoboForm and 1Password, Hello LastPass

For me surfing the web and trying to remember a different password for each site is a difficult if not impossible task. So, I did, what I'm sure many people did, I used the same login credentials at most every site. I did this with the exception of my email, bank, paypal, brokerage, and other sites where my private information was critical.

However, I knew in the back of my head this wasn't the most secure method. While I have an OpenID very few sites support it today. In addition it isn't to the secure level where a bank or brokerage. Upon doing some investigation I found that adding a password manager to my list of productivity tools was a must. A password manager is simple in concept. It is software that stores your usernames and passwords to web sites, applications, etc in a local encrypted database. That database is protected by a single password. So, now rather than remembering multiple passwords, I only needed to remember one.

As I started to investigate I found that there are many good examples of password managers out there. From free open source to paid solutions. I quickly discarded many that were stand alone with separate UI's from the browser which required you to search for the password, copy the password into the clipboard and paste into the web site. As I tried them I realized that I wanted one which integrated with my browsers. I wanted it to recognize when I was logging into a new site, offer to generate a secure password for me, and save it. This integration made using the password manager simple.

I came across RoboForm. I had found my solution. This software did all that I wanted and some stuff I wasn't even looking for. In addition to storing logins to web sites it also stored "secure notes". A secure note is just a bit of information that you want to save on your PC securely. I mostly used it to store software licenses, serial numbers and product codes.

RoboForm is free for up to 10 saved logins. But, I quickly knew I would surpass that so I bought it. You need to by a license for each PC you use. Or you can by the "portable" license which you can move from PC to PC using a USB key. But, I had two main PCs, one home and one work I wanted to use.

I happily used RoboForm for quite a while. However, it was getting tiring having to keep both PCs synced. Every now and then I would zip up the RoboForm data folder, password protect the zip and email it to myself. I would open the zip, sycn the data with Beyond Compare, each login was saved in it's own file, and then recreate the zip and send it back to myself.

One day I was a bit annoyed because I had to login to a web site that I had create the login on the other PC. I always generated a 15 character length random password using RoboForm. Of course, I didn't remember is. So, a bit more research and I found DropBox. DropBox is a free tool with service that will sycn data between two or more PCs and also keep the data in the cloud. I gave it a try with RoboForm and it worked very well. So, I was once again happy. I had RoboForm and DropBox on both PCs staying in sync without me having to do anything.

Then last year in August I got an iMac for learning and using at home. I happily went to buy the Mac version of RoboForm... but no such luck. So, more research to find a tool that would work on my Mac and PC but nothing. I tired to find a cross plat form tool but nothing work as well as RoboForm.

Enter 1Password. This software had all the features of RoboForm but worked on the Mac. Yea, Mac only. But, I was so spoiled with the features of RoboForm so I bought a copy of 1Password for my Mac. This software works really well. I couldn't tell you if RoboForm or 1Password is better. They both just work and work without having to think about them.

But, you guess it, I was back to manually syncing. So, off to "the google" to see what I could find. It seems in the mean time a new comer FireFox add-in "LastPass" was gaining speed. LastPass is a FireFox plug-in that supports Windows and Mac. It also has sync built in via your LastPass account on the LastPass web site. The data is all encrypted on the local PC so LastPass does not know your password and can't decrypt your information.

I have been using LastPass for a few weeks now and I am ready to uninstall RoboForm and 1Password. It's browser integration is not quite as good as the other two, but it is very close. The x-plat form sync is worth the small differences and they are releasing new version quite quickly to address some of the issues I have seen. Oh and BONUS. It's free.

So, once again, Good Bye RoboForm and 1Password, Hello... LastPass.


thx for this article

i am using roboform since several years and never really had big issues with them, however their it truly sucks that they support only the main browsers, i am long time use of maxthon and hands down there is not better browser then maxthon, IE & FF do not even come close to that one, but for some reason, roboform dont want to support MX3 the latest maxthon browser anymore, all support tickets to RF get answered like they dont plan to support it ever, so i am stuck, either not using MX or not using RF for me decission was made for not using RF anymore, cause indeed roboform sucks

LastPass benefit

I've been using LastPass for about a month now and love it. I'm on a Mac and use a Blackberry. LastPass has a decently functional BlackBerry application which is super handy because I often find myself using someone else's computer when I need to log into one of my websites. Having the application on my Blackberry helps me to quickly pull up the password.

I'm sure this functionality is available with 1Password, but I don't have an iPod touch or iPhone, so I wouldn't know :)


With 1Password and dropbox you can be cross platform... it allows you to access the 1Password DB through any browser! See here:

Sure... but that is a might

Sure... but that is a might different from the auto form filling features.

Although, now that 1Password has a windows beta out I might be revisting this decisions. Although I am very happy with LastPass at this point in time.

1Password & LastPass

I'm in a similar situation. I used a PC with SplashID as my password manager and then last summer I switched to the Mac and purchased 1Password on the recommendation of Mac experts.

1Password is great on my Mac and on my iPod Touch, but a pain when I want to access my passwords on my wife's PC laptop or on my windoze machine at work. I too discovered Lastpass as a great cross platform solution, but with a twist - I found a use for each.

I use LastPass for login passwords where I want to have seamless autofilling for all websites except sensitive financial websites.

I use 1Password for secure passwords on financial websites, creditcard autofills during online shopping, secure notes and license registrations. The fact that 1Password is only stored locally and not synced via the internet makes it more secure in my eyes for sensitive data.

That way I can use both and is a nice compromise since I spent good money on 1Password and I prefer it's GUI.

Thanks for the tip!

I never heard of LastPass until now. I found you on SU. Great stuff, I love 1Password, and I'm ok with roboform. 1password though isn't available for pc so it sucks. I have to find kludgy work-arounds when I need to use difficult passwords in my pc. Seems like LastPass may solve this. I'll have to check it out. thanks again!


I loved Roboform/Roboform-to-go and when it got web-enabled, I was happy-synced across computers Then I bought a Mac and an Iphone I searched [and am still searching] for a replacement I use Lastpass and it's good, but, it doesn't work sometimes on some sites-even when I fill by hand and save all entered data

I may try 1pass-I don't know yet

FYI, a beta version of

FYI, a beta version of LastPass was released for Safari (Mac) yesterday.

Roboform SUCKS

MyLastPass RULES and Roboform SUCKS just that simple . they want u to pay for every computer .. REALLY and the customer service SUCKS i use MyLastPass ,, it's FREE and way better